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Paying for Updates??


I hve been using your JoomlaCK extension for two years now. 

Not long ago I purchased the Maximenu CK Params 4.2.3 and installed it.

Thing is I don't believe I've bad it more than 6 months and yet when the new version comes out 4.2.4, I have to pay for it despite no expration yet on my 6 months with the 4.2.3????


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Is it possible to modify the password, after the login in the site ?

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Scroll To CK does not work when Using another link

Hello, I try to use Scroll To CK with a link that I've put into custom module like it is indicated in your How to use with Using another link.

Here is my link : <p><a href="#container-header-booking-form" class="scrollTo">Click me to scroll</a></p>

This link gives only simple link without scroll button appearance. 


I don't understand how to point the scroll button to the target link.


Best regards. 


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Pagebuilderck affichage map


après installation v1.4, la carte affichée a changée. Voici les paramètres enregistrés :

  • Latitude : 48.69233
  • Longitude: 2.51887099999999

(Lieu en ile de france)

Résultat :

Merci d'avance.

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Outil de création rapide, puissant et responsive.

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