Loadtag GC

Loadtag GC

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This plugin for Joomla! can simply add some CSS or Javascript (JS) from an article. Usefull when you need to add s special style or script on a specific page.

This plugin is an evolution of the original plugin jostag, it has been updated and modified in collaboration with Ghazal on the french forum.joomla.fr. 

Usage of Loadtag GC

To load a javascript file, you just need to give the relative path. You can also give some personnalised parameters if you want, see example below :

{tag}src="/js/test.js" type="javascript"{/tag}
{tag}js/test.js type="javascript"{/tag}
{tag}src="/js/test.js" param="blabla"{/tag}
{tag}src="/js/test.js" param="blabla" type="javascript"{/tag}

To load a stylesheet, you just need to give the relative path. As for javascript, you can add some specific parameters, see example below :

{tag}href="/js/test.css" type="css"{/tag}
{tag}js/test.css type="css"{/tag}
{tag}href="/js/test.css" param="blabla"{/tag}
{tag}href="/js/test.css" param="blabla" type="image/x-icon" rel="reltest"{/tag}

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