parallax joomla module

Parallax CK is a Joomla module which can dispay multiple image on several layers and give them some animated effects to move them automatically or following the mouse cursor.




This module has been replaced with Custom Parallax CK that offers many more features. Please click here to go on the page of the Custom Parallax CK module for Joomla!.

Functionnalities of Parallax CK


Demo of the module Parallax CK

This technic is using Mootools to add a nice effect giving a deep sense of animation on your Joomla! website. This technic put the layers over with some movement, it is called Parallax.

The module Parallax CK allows you to add up to 5 image layers that you can slide with various speed and according mouse direction. You can set the container width :


NOTE : The ideal width of images is  2000px but think about the fact that they are repeated.

On each image you can

You must put the images in the folder '[MYSITE]/modules/mod_parallax_CK/images'.


Download the module Parallax CK for Joomla 3.x

Download the module Parallax CK for Joomla 2.5

Download the module Parallax CK for Joomla 1.5